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Dad Tracks Son's First Words Since Birth

1 Amazing Dad Tracked His Son's First Words Since Birth and the Result Was Epic

Most parents obsess over their children's first words, but this dad took things to a new level with this epic word tracker. Jon Jivan says he began tracking the first words from his 19-month-old son, Elliot, since he was born using a manual tracker on Google spreadsheet.

"All words recorded were said in context (not simply a parroting of sounds) and had to be witnessed by both myself and my wife for confirmation," Jivan explained on Reddit. The proud father said he chose to use Google Sheets because it was easier to go back in and plug in all of Elliot's new words as soon as he said them. The epic word chart, which has more than 100 words on it, was created using a program called Tableau Public.

"The first 10 words were recorded based on a combination of memory and video evidence," wrote Jivan. "The remaining 90 words are accurate to the day they were first spoken!" This won't be the end of tracking Elliot's first words, as Jivan plans on continuing the project till his second birthday.

Jon and his wife, Lindsay, read up to four short children's books to Elliot each night before bedtime. One of Elliot's favorites? Goodnight Moon, which helped him learn the words "mush," "moon," "house," and "mouse."

Seriously, how cute? Watch the adorable video of Elliot reading Jimmy Fallon's children book, Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada ahead.

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