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Donald Trump Easy D Memes

Donald Trump Tweeted About the "Easy D" So Naturally the Internet Is Roasting Him

It looks like President Trump might really want to consider hiring someone to check his tweets — especially after his last one. Trump's last tweet mentioned his views on the controversial Muslim ban, but then ended it by saying he's waiting for the "EASY D!"

I kid you not, please look for yourself below.

It looks like Trump was tweeting about yesterday's appeal hearing at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington on the Muslim ban. At the end of the hearing, Judge Friedland said a decision would come "as soon as possible," according to The New York Times. The "d" is a reference to the decision Trump is waiting to hear.

Apparently, Trump thinks a decision can't come fast enough so he tweeted about it using the worst phrasing. The internet, of course, wasted zero time making memes about the tweet and they are hilarious. See some of the most giggle-inducing ones ahead.

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