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Donald Trump Executive Order Memes

The Internet Couldn't Resist Making Donald Trump's Executive Orders Into a Meme

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Meme creators, start your engines, because you've just been presented with the perfect opportunity for internet gold. Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has been keeping busy, signing multiple executive orders regarding immigration, abortion access, and Obamacare, among other hot topics. When Trump took on his first order of business as the new POTUS, cameras were there to capture every shot, including the moment he turned the binder around to show off his signature — total rookie mistake, Donald. Now the geniuses of the internet are employing Photoshop to turn that split-second shot into our new favorite meme, showing hilarious examples of what Trump may have signed into effect.

These memes are spreading all over Reddit and Imgur, but it's only a matter of time before they go utterly viral on Facebook and Instagram. Below are some of the most giggle-worthy ones we've come across so far.

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