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Down to Lunch App

Find Out Why This App Is More Popular Than Facebook

Group text messages are one of the best and worst parts of life. One friend will ask the group who wants to eat and even if you can't go, the thread suddenly derails into picking out a place to go. That situation should no longer be an issue once you download a new app on the rise called Down to Lunch.

The app, created around the summer of 2015, is a pretty basic concept. First, you select what activity you want to do, like eat lunch or go for a drink. Then, pick whether you want to notify all your friends or just a few. The app will send a notification to your friends on the app and see who's free, ready to join you. You can also choose the location in which you want to do said activity. In short, it finds friends who are down to do something and eliminates the issue of group thread hell. An example of what the screen looks like is below.

And it totally makes absolute sense that this app is more popular than Facebook. With Down to Lunch, gone are the days of messaging a group thread to either receive total silence or attempt to coordinate where and with who. One simple tap and either someone will hang with you or not. You can get the app on both iOS and Android.

So, the next time your phone battery starts to die due to a group text gone rogue and you wonder what you ever did to deserve one of the worst millennial problems ever, just download this app.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / THEM TOO
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