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Emirates Airlines New Economy Augmented Reality Amenity Kits

Emirates's New Augmented Reality Amenity Kits Help Take the Boredom Out of a Long-Haul Flight

Augmented reality is so July 2016 it seems; the madness that is Pokémon Go is literally taking over people's lives as they refuse to put the game down. And so Emirates's new long-haul flight offering comes at a pretty good time for AR fans.

The Dubai-based airline has incorporated the technology into their newly-designed amenity kits, and UAE-based artist Tagelsir Hassan has designed the Arabic calligraphy print used on their Middle Eastern region flights. There's more to the Neoprene bag - which includes the usual eye mask, socks, earplugs and dental kit - than meets the eye. The waterproof material combined with a mobile phone app can unleash entertainment that will make your travels a lot less boring than it could be.

All you have to do is scan the fabric, using the augmented reality app Blippar, to unlock immersive content that refreshes every six months to keep it exciting. The app is already used by many to get additional information on things like laptops, clothing, food and even pets. Meanwhile on flights, you can use it to play around with Emirates Doodle on your device and bring some color to your world.

The kits have six designs (across this region, the Far East, Europe, Latin America and Australasia) and with the special soundtracks to suit your mood or destination, plus handy health tips, can help customers relax further while up 30,000 miles in the air.

Okay, so it's not exactly Pokémon Go but it might tempt you to put the addictive game down for a few minutes.

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