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8 Brilliant Free Websites to Make You More Productive

It's easy for anyone to get stuck in work rut or feel their day quickly become unproductive. Thankfully, you're not alone and people on the internet constantly find ways to improve their work and personal lives with free and useful websites. This list comes from Imgur user smelllikebeef and hopefully it helps you out.

  1. Work more productively: With Plato, you can set a timer to work for a certain amount of time and then take a break. It should help you become more accountable and get some breathing time when you need it.
  2. Take a mental break: Use Calm when you need a moment to yourself. You can either get a subscription ($5 a month) or try their unguided meditation options for free.
  3. Gain a new habit the fun way: Whether it's trying to stop biting your nails or learning a new skill, use Habitica to sustain a new habit. It sounds simple enough except Habitica makes you work to create these new habits by turning them into "monsters" you need to conquer.
  4. Zero in on an activity: If you know you love scrolling through Facebook when you need to put together a presentation, download Cold Turkey. List what websites you want blocked and then set a timer. You won't be able to access the sites at all and finally get what you need done.
  5. Learn something every day: Take the popular saying to heart with TED-Ed Lessons. You can watch all types of informative videos from topics in math to philosophy.
  6. Make flashcards fast: Whether you need flashcards to prepare for a presentation or class, create them for free at StudyBlue. In the basic package, you can create your own flashcards and add photos or audio to them. If you want to upgrade, you can see what other flashcards users have made and use it without ads.
  7. Get to inbox zero: Stop getting subscriptions you don't want or need with The free service will identify what you're subscribed to and let you decide what to keep. Then, you can choose to receive all your subscriptions in one daily email instead of several single ones.
  8. See what's actually taking up your time: With RescueTime, you'll find out what websites and apps you're spending too much time on. You can set goals and finally make sure you're weening off wasting your time on the internet.
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