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11 Genius Websites You Need to Start Using ASAP

Does your body get excited the minute you hear about anything free? Get ready to feel tingly as we've rounded up some of our favorite free websites, thanks to two different Imgur users, TooLazyToDoSomethingElse and indianacrones lists. Check out the best picks from those lists ahead. Trust us, you're going to want to use these all the time.

  1. Learn something constantly — Meet the ultimate bookmark to feed your mind. With noexcuselist, you'll get a list of websites where you can expand your knowledge on a variety of topics. Examples include Coursera, Codeacademy, and Duolingo. You now have no excuse not to teach yourself something.
  2. Become an adult — With SkillsForGrownups, you'll finally be the person you aspired to be as a kid. The website breaks down different skills you might need in your life like sewing, fixing a flat tire, or giving bad news, and provides a link of how to do it.
  3. Don't waste time on Netflix — Watch a movie faster and easier with Netflix Roulette. Pick a genre, click spin, and you'll be given one movie or TV show to watch. You can get a little more specific by choosing how high you want the ratings to be or adding in a director or actor's name. While you're at it, try these other Netflix tips.
  4. Give in to your inner introvert — Sometimes, you just need to be alone. You can find public places to do that with AvoidHumans. It's a site that gathers data from FourSquare and Instagram to come up with a list of places with very few humans.
  5. Plan your best road trip — Figure out the best route, what to see, and where to stay with RoadTrippers. Just add where you're starting and ending your trip from, the dates, and check off if you want to see attractions, natural wonders, and "weird stuff." You'll then get a map of pinpointed locations.
  6. Don't waste ink — Is printing something you do from time to time? Instead of printing out an entire page with unnecessary information like ads, use PrintWhatYouLike to save ink. Enter a url, edit the page, and print it.
  7. Cook a recipe with what you have at home — Not everyone gets a chance to head to grocery store after work, but a girl's gotta eat right? On RecipePuppy, enter the ingredients you have and it will find a recipe for you. This should help you eat out less!
  8. Tune out any distractions — If you can't listen to music and office chatter distracts you, try SimplyNoise. The website offers an array of white noise options so you can easily concentrate.
  9. Draw on a map and then share it — Ever tried giving directions to someone and Google Maps isn't helping? With ScribbleMaps, you can draw on a map, add markers, and do so much more — like share it with a friend. It's a great tool for mapping out a trip or just having some fun.
  10. Pretend you're working — This might not fly in open office space settings, but if you're in a cubicle and want to take a "break" use IdleKeyboard. The website will play typing sounds so people think you're working — even if you're not.
  11. Finally sleep better — Find your perfect sleep cycle with SleepyTi.Me. Either enter the time you need to get up or are about to sleep and the website will calculate the right amount of hours you need to rest for.

Do you feel more ok with the world now? Don't forget to also use these other free products on the Internet!

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