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Gifts For Slytherins

Make Harry Potter Fans Green With Envy Over These 32 Slytherin Gifts

"Slytherin Will Help You on Your Way to Greatness" Wall Art ($4)

Slytherins get a bad reputation. I mean, there was that whole business with Voldemort being in the infamous House, Salazar Slytherin wasn't exactly perfect, and I'm not trying to say that Snape and Malfoy were angels. Still, it's easy to forget just how many good qualities the House boasts — ambition, cunning, and lifelong friendships to name a few. While over the years I've admittedly had to come to terms with my true Slytherin self, I have to say that now I'm loud and proud about my affiliation with the House, and other Slytherins should be too! These gifts will speak to your Potter-loving, serpentine souls.

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