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Great Grandmother Prays to Lord of the Rings Statue

The Hysterical Reason This Great-Grandmother Was Worshipping a Lord of the Rings Figurine

A Brazilian woman's uproarious discovery about her great-grandmother's spiritual routine is delighting the internet. On Facebook, Gabriela Brandão explained that her great-grandmother had been accidentally praying to a figurine of The Lord of the Rings's Elrond, mistaking him for Saint Anthony. She then shared pictures of the figurine with a caption that translates to "The funniest discovery of 2016."

A descoberta mais engraçada de 2016:

Posted by Gabriela Brandão on Friday, December 30, 2016

In the popular Lord of the Rings film franchise, Elrond is portrayed by Hugo Weaving. While his look is certainly different than that of Saint Anthony, we could see how the saint's recognizable haircut could resemble Elrond's gilded headband.

Since sharing her great-grandmother's hysterical mix-up, Gabriela's post has received over 3,000 shares and 2,000 reactions on the social media platform. She has not revealed whether or not she ended up breaking the news to her great-grandmother.

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