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Half Onion in a Bag Twitter Account

This Onion Is on a Mission to Get More Twitter Followers Than Donald Trump

Regardless of your political affiliation, there's no denying that Donald Trump is wildly popular on Twitter. His often controversial tweets have garnered him more than 21.8 million followers on his personal account, realDonaldTrump. Plus, after his inauguration, he officially took over the POTUS account, which has 14.3 million followers. That double whammy makes for quite the staggering social media presence, but one Twitter user is here to challenge that, and it comes in quite the unexpected form.

The account HalfOnionInaBag was created on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, with a simple yet wildly entertaining goal in mind: Get more Twitter followers than Donald Trump.

Though this is quite the lofty objective, the humorous account is already well on its way, having gained more than 213,000 followers in just a few days. The anonymous genius behind the account explained that the idea was spurred from sheer frustration with the presidential election. "I very stupidly turned on my TV on Inauguration Day and was, well . . . disgusted, I guess is the best word," he told POPSUGAR in a Twitter direct message. "I wanted to make a statement of some sort then and there and decided, why not do it on Trump's favorite platform?"

It started with one simple trip to the refrigerator. "I looked around my home to try to find the most random item I could put head to head with Trump, and when I opened my fridge and saw that pathetic half onion in a bag (that I since have been told multiple times was cut wrong, making it even more pathetic), I knew I had a winner," said the creator. And so a sliced vegetable encased in a plastic bag started its journey to social media stardom.

The entertaining account has since started trolling the new POTUS and commenting on the general political climate in the most hilarious ways, and people can't get enough of the commotion.

Want to help this ambitious onion reach its goal? Be sure to follow to HalfOnionInaBag and show your support!

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