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Halloween Reactions and Masks on Facebook

Facebook Live Introduces Halloween-Themed Masks For You to Use

Halloween Reactions and Masks on Facebook

If you can't get enough of the Halloween spirit, just turn to your Facebook feed. The company is rolling out themed masks in Facebook Live and limited edition Halloween reactions.

The masks mark the first time Facebook Live has ever introduced such a feature. Available on iOS, you can flip through a number of masks on Facebook Live, including a few that are Halloween themed like a skull, "evil queen," a pumpkin, and witch. While those masks will disappear after Halloween, a few other options will continue to exist afterwards.

Not into Facebook live? Just use Facebook's Halloween-themed reactions instead. The reactions will be up on both your phone and desktop, and each of the options that exist now like the heart, will turn into something spooky like a candy heart!

Check out what the masks and reactions look like and get ready to see your feed get into the spirit of Halloween.

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