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Harry Potter Illustrations

You Can't Stop, Won't Stop Staring at These Magical Harry Potter GIFs

Every Harry Potter fan is constantly clamoring for ways to reignite their love of the series. For some, it means reading between the lines and coming up with new theories. For others, like Amanda Penley, it means drawing and creating GIFs of her favorite Harry Potter locations.

Penley's illustrated and animated series is called "Harry Potter and Magical Places." It takes you through several of the notable locations in the wizarding world like Privet Drive, the Burrow, and Hagrid's Hut. The result is magically delightful as you get to imagine these places once more through Penley's drawings.

You can really feel the amount of effort and dedication that Penely put into this project, which makes sense since she grew up loving the books. However, that wasn't her only reason for producing these drawings. "I also wanted to create this series for other fans wanting just a touch of design and magic, really sharing my love for this world," said Penley in an email.

Check out her illustrations ahead and don't miss out on her other artwork. This should hopefully hold you over till the newest book in the series arrives!

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