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Harry Potter Russian Look-a-Like

No, Your Eyes Are Not Playing Magic Tricks on You — This Guy Looks Exactly Like Harry Potter

A photo posted by Коленька (@anupliy) on

Harry Potter has a Russian doppelgänger. Yes, you read that correctly. The beloved wizard, who was brought to life by Daniel Radcliffe in the movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling's books, has a look-a-like on Instagram that will make you do a double take. According to this Russian website, Instagram user @anupliy, whose real name is Nikolai, is well aware that he resembles Harry Potter — just without the lightning bolt scar, of course.

During an interview with the site, Nikolai revealed he sometimes gets stopped by people on the street and asked for an autograph. He says his friends noticed his resemblance to the sorcerer about five years ago, and that he doesn't mind the comparisons because he happens to be a fan of the series, having read it "six to eight times". His least favorite? Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Just don't let Mad-Eye Moody know. Keep scrolling to decide whether this is just a coincidence, or whether this Muggle consumed some exceptionally potent polyjuice potion.

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