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Hidden Words Puzzle

This Children's Puzzle Is Testing the Patience of Everyone You Know

If you love Where's Waldo puzzles or a good challenge, try finding the six hidden words in this drawing from the children's magazine, Highlights. The puzzle is going viral on Facebook with many people debating just how many words are in the drawing — or voicing their frustration.

The puzzle was originally posted on February 27 on a Facebook page called Dude and has more than 25,000 reactions, 11,000 comments, and 138,000 shares. For the most part, people are commenting what words they found. Some people are sharing other words they are finding throughout the puzzle. Try it for yourself below.

Seriously I could only 4 words in this picture

Posted by Dude on Monday, February 27, 2017

Did you get it? The hidden words are: book, story, pages, read, novel, and words. One commenter said they also found five more words: or, age, boo, tory, ad. Yes, those are words within the original six but there aren't any rules on how to find them!

Hopefully, this didn't drive you too crazy and at least this one didn't involve any math!

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