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Hotel For Gamers

This Is Not a Joke: You Can Stay at a New Hotel Just For Gamers

Hotel For Gamers

Ever wished you could play video games during a day on vacation? A new hotel in Amsterdam called The Arcade Hotel is finally here to satisfy these gaming needs. It opened its doors on January 16, and each of its 36 rooms comes with an old-school console like a Playstation and games to play. You can also find more games and console systems in the hotel's lobby and bar.

And what happens if your eyes get tired of glazing over after staring at a screen for hours? You can explore the hotel's comic book library or borrow a bike and explore the city. If that's still not enough, consider hanging out in the gardens and bid your time until a comic lecture. The rooms run from 75 to 350 Euros (around $81-$380 dollars). Not a bad price for a great location and the option to play video games from long ago.

Anyone else thinking of booking their next vacation to Amsterdam now? We sure are! Ahead, check out more details of what the hotel looks like.

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