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How to Save Snapchat Stories

This App Will Save Your Snapchat Stories So You Never Lose Another Moment Again

Filters, lenses, and chat — three of Snapchat's greatest features. The best of all? Sending a snap that lasts only a few seconds or 24 hours via snap stories. But with limited storage space on my iPhone and just forgetting to save a snap, I've lost countless of stories of concerts I've loved and adventures I've gone on. These are types of memories you won't lose anymore thanks to Ellie, an app that'll save your snap stories and let you see them again and again.

The app is easy enough to understand. You sign up, submit your username, add Ellie's account on Snapchat, and then you'll start seeing your snaps in the app within 24 hours. At the moment, only you can see your snap stories on the app but the company hopes to add a feature to share it with you friends soon enough. Here's what the app looks like below.

Before this concept was an app, it started off as SnapMemories, a monthly digest email that collected every snap story of yours. It makes sense to bring this idea to the app level, where people can see it on their phone more easily. It's currently available for free on iOS only.

While the app is definitely promising, some reviews are not so positive. Complaints on the app store include the app crashing and not seeing snaps right away. And worst of all, anyone could technically add your Snapchat account to see your stories on Ellie. But, because you have to add Ellie's account back on Snapchat, it's not totally likely for anyone to see your snaps. The company is also working on a solution for this potential problem.

Are you convinced to try it out? It might be the best solution to keep all your snap stories in one place and never lose a single one again.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock
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