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Hydraulic Press Crushing Legos

Watching Legos Get Crushed by a Hydraulic Press Is Exactly What You Need Today

Are you a fan of watching oddly satisfying things? If so, you're going to love the latest (and weirdest trend): watching a hydraulic press crush items. A hydraulic press is a simple machine used to either crush or mold objects. It's not a machine you commonly see in a household, which is probably why the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is so popular. The channel posts a weekly video showing a hydraulic press crushing anything. Our favorites so far include: Barbie, an alarm clock, a camera, and Legos (which you can see in the video above). Even The White House is a fan, seeing as they posted one of the channel's videos of crushing a cable box. If you do anything at all today, watch the video above and see your favorite Lego toys turn into barely anything — you might even empathize with one of the Lego's trying to escape.

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