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Instagram Terms

11 Words Only Instagram Masters Will Get

There's a world of Instagram comments that probably don't make sense unless you're a teenager. If you've been wondering what some of them mean, follow this breakdown.

  • Likeback or LB: Writing this is asking someone to like one of your photos back, so that you look a little more popular.
  • First/Instant: This is usually used on celebrities' Instagrams, like Kylie Jenner's, to claim your territory that you were one of the first to see a photo.
  • Row for row: Posting this means asking someone to like a row of your photos on Instagram and you'll like one of their rows back.
  • Double tap that: This is a fun way of expressing just how much you love a certain photo.
  • Insta dump: Using this is to call someone out when they post tons of photos instead of choosing one or spacing it out.
  • #l4l/#f4f: These two hashtags break down into "like for like" and "follow for follow." Essentially, you're asking someone to like or follow you, and you'll do the same for them.
  • #Instagood/#Instalove: Using either of these two hashtags expresses just how amazing you think a photo is, whether it's a landscape or a person.

Now that you understand some of the comments you see on the app, try learning what some popular hashtags stand for, and then start following some of our favorite ones.

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