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Jaguar Takes First Advert on Dubai's Burj Khalifa

There's a Perfectly Good Reason a Giant Cat Appeared on the Burj Khalifa

With the Guinness World Record for largest LED illuminated facade, the Burj Khalifa has displayed some of the most incredible designs lately.

But the planet's largest building uncharacteristically showed a large cat on Monday night, leaving anyone who could view it from around the Emirate of Dubai very intrigued.

What witnesses were viewing among the fireworks and moving image show was the first ever advert to grace the globe's highest tower, an offering to introduce the new F-Pace car from motor brand Jaguar.

Using 70,000 bulbs, the Burj was transformed into a giant TV screen during the evening, part of a project where Arab calligraphy artist Wissam Shawkat's symbol appeared in front of the city several times.

A colorfulful spectacular, the three-minute commercial portrayed a message of "creativity" and "innovation" on a platform that certainly outdoes the usual Sheikh Zayed Road billboard.

Watch the clip if you missed the real thing.

Image Source: Youtube user JaguarCarsMENA
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