It's Official: Justin Trudeau Was Hugh Grant in Love Actually

06/05/2018 - 03:22 PM

It's no secret that people are secretly in love with Justin Trudeau [1], the prime minister of Canada. So when the internet realized that Trudeau was going to meet with President Trump, they could only hope for one thing: for Trudeau to reenact a scene from Love Actually and win our hearts.

Knowing Trudeau is meeting with Trump now, I'm hoping press conference afterwards is like Hugh Grant's press conference in Love Actually.

— Marci Glass (@MarciGlass) February 13, 2017 [2]

For those of you who haven't watched Love Actually in awhile or ever, let me quickly recap what happens. The US president, played by Billy Bob Thorton, visits Britain's prime minister, played by Hugh Grant. The US president is brash and even makes a move on the prime minister's aide/love interest. Fast forward a few minutes later to their joint press conference and the prime minister slams the US president's policies in the name of love. Watch the scene below.

It's a scene that plenty of people were hoping that Justin Trudeau would reenact in his press conference with President Trump.

We may be a big country but we're a great one too. The home of poutine, Bieber, Dion. Wayne Gretzky's right foot. Wayne Gretzky's left foot. https://t.co/yqFLOWmS3t [3]

— Ellis Kim (@elliskkim) February 13, 2017 [4]

If Trudeau goes full-on Hugh Grant vs. Billy Bob in Love Actually I will lose my mind #TrudeauMeetsTrump [5]

— David De Almo (@DavidDeAlmo) February 13, 2017 [6]

When is that handsome prime minister from love actually going to stand up to our President. TRUDEAU THIS WAS THE ROLE YOU WERE BORN FOR

— Whale Appreciator (@TheWhaler) February 12, 2017 [7]

Sadly, Trudeau did not do anything similar to this scene but, we do have four more years to wait and see it come true.

Was anyone else hoping @JustinTrudeau [8] was going to do to Trump what Hugh Grant did to the US president in Love Actually? #TrudeauMeetsTrump [9]

— Talk Geeky To Me (@MockTheGeek) February 13, 2017 [10]

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