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Kellyanne Conway Inspector Gadget Memes

The Internet Had A Lot of Thoughts About Kellyanne Conway Saying She's "Not Inspector Gadget"

Kellyannye Conway furthered a claim by suggesting that Obama spied on Trump through a microwave. The internet quickly lost it over this comment, and Conway went on CNN to clarify her words, telling CCN host, Chris Cuomo, "I'm not inspector gadget. I don't believe people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign." Of course, the internet lost it again and couldn't believe Conway compared herself to an animated, clumsy, aloof detective.

Watch the clip ahead of Conway telling Cuomo she's not "Inspector Gadget."

Some people were happy Conway made a true statement.

Others made it a point to remind Conway of the type of person Inspector Gadget was.

One person thought it was time to reveal the truth about themselves as well.

Instead of making comments like these, it's clear that everyone involved in the White House needs a serious lesson in cybersecurity.

Image Source: Getty / Mario Tama
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