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Lego Love Story Video

This Love Story Told in Lego's Will Warm Your Heart

Couples are always finding new ways to tell the story of how they met and fell in love. One animator took that idea to new heights and made an incredible video of their love story, as told by Lego's.

Animator Kevin Ulrich created the story as an engagement gift to his finacé, Celina Frenn. Throughout it, Ulrich recreates parts of their love story in Lego form — like their proposal and dates. Their story starts with Ulrich vowing not to date a coworker, until Frenn pops into his life and decides that love has no boundaries. Ulrich had a hard time keeping it a secret from her and ultimately didn't, he told The Huffington Post. While Frenn wanted to offer more input of what scenes to include of their relationship, Ulrich asked her to leave it to him — and she did with the resulting video being absolutely beautiful.

The couple got married on April 17 and were planning on showing the video at their reception. Watch the video above — it might inspire you to figure out other ways to incorporate Lego into your wedding day.

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