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Lego Wall Art Installation

1 Artist Just Made Our Childhood Dreams Come True With His Insane Lego Creation

Dante Dentoni basically has our dream job from childhood: The independent artist plays with Legos for a living. Sounds pretty epic, right? Dentoni's plastic block-building skills are way more advanced than ours were back in the day, as he uses Legos to construct breathtaking masterpieces that any '90s kid will appreciate.

His latest installation is embedded in the wall and ceiling of a club owner's house in Miami, and it's giving us all the nostalgic vibes. The meticulously crafted work of art features an impressive array of figures, from Hulk Hogan and a party boat to Lego figures in a bathroom and on a stripper pole — yes, really. Dentoni told Bored Panda that it took two months of planning and one whole week to execute. Wowzers!

Watch the video above for an up-close look at the artwork, and check out his Instagram for a glimpse at the rest of his Lego creations.

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