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Life-Size Lego Man

You'll Never Be Able to Unsee This Real-Life Lego Minifigure

We saw some pretty amazing cosplays at this year's Comic-Con, but nothing quite like Creepyfig, a life-size human Lego minifigure that you'll can't unsee, no matter how hard you try. Sculpter Frank Ippolito spent about a week painting and molding the silicone mask and hands to showcase at Comic-Con. He looked at Lego minifigures to determine the distance between the eyes on the 14-pound head as well as to get the mouth shape just right. As if the figure head weren't freakish enough, the hands have two large fingers and realistic-looking nails that make you want to run away.

Check out what Creepyfig looks like in the video above.

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