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MSQRD Filters

I Tried the Ridiculous Instagram App Everyone's Obsessed With

MSQRD Filters

If you've ever wanted to know what your babies with Leonardo DiCaprio would look like, now is your chance. Using a free app called (think "masquerade"), you can transform your selfies with a variety of filter options, ranging from Darth Maul to a polar bear to Leo. The entertaining camera tool, which operates like a more intuitive version of Snapchat's face-distorting filters, is quickly took over Instagram — celebrities like Cara Delevingne can't get enough! So naturally, upon discovering the types of ridiculous effects made possible with the app, I decided to download MSQRD and try it out for myself.

The filtering tool is refreshingly easy to use, with near-instant facial recognition and simple sharing options for videos and selfies. According to the app (currenlty available just for iOS), more filters are in development and set to launch soon; in the meantime, I tried out some of the most hilarious options currently available. Here are some of my favorite results from this mid-workday selfie session! (But a word to the wise before attempting this at home . . . seeing yourself as Donald Trump may cause permanent emotional damage.)

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