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MacBook Pro Details 2016

You Need to Know About 7 Features the MacBook Pro Has — the Keyboard Is SO COOL

MacBook Pro Details 2016
Image Source: Getty / Stephen Lam

After a few years, a new MacBook Pro is finally arrived into our tech-savvy lives. Read more about it below.

  • Display size: The MacBook Pro will come in 13- and 15-inch models. The 13-inch comes in a version with the new Touch Bar and one with a traditional keyboard.
  • Display: It is 67 percent brighter, has a higher contrast ratio, and has 25 percent more colors.
  • Size and weight: This will be the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever. The 15-inch Pro weighs 4 pounds, is 14 percent thinner, and has 20 percent less volume than the previous version. The 13-inch Pro weighs 3 pounds, is 17 percent thinner, and has 23 percent less volume than the previous version — this makes it 12 percent thinner with 13 percent less volume than the MacBook Air.
  • A new additional keyboard: You can say goodbye to the set of keys at the top of your keyboard. Instead, this area will be touchscreen and change depending on what app you have open. For example, if you have iTunes open, you'll see a set of playback controls. It's also customizable based on your needs.
  • Touch ID is coming: A new strip will exist on one side of the keyboard that will enable you use to Touch ID. This will make it easier to use Apple Pay on the web.
  • Colors: The 13-inch and 15-inch aluminum MacBook Pros will come in silver and space gray and have metal on all sides.
  • Price: The new MacBook Pro will retail for $1,499 for 13-inch with traditional keyboard, $1,799 for 13-inch with Touch Bar, and $2,399 for 15-inch with Touch Bar. Preorders begin now, with shipping in two to three weeks.

The only downside? There are less ports on the new MacBook Pro, which means you'll need to buy yet another adapter to connect your iPhone.

Check out photos and a video of the new MacBook Pro ahead.

Additional reporting by Tara Block

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