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Man Rescues Kittens From a Dumpster Video

This Heartbreaking Story of How a Man Rescued Kittens in a Dumpster Has a Happy Ending

A kind man named Cliff is our new hero after rescuing a litter of newly born kittens that he found in a dumpster. He heard meowing from the pile of disposed wood and saw a tiny white kitten hanging on in between two beams. It made faint noises and Cliff realized there were others abandoned as well.

Cliff told Love Meow that someone had dumped the kittens into the dumpster and they were underneath a pile of wood that was thrown in on top of them. He spent seven hours digging them all out, although one didn't survive. The litter was as young as a week old or so, as they could barely open their eyes. Since they were so young, they required round-the-clock care, which one rescue group in Springfield, MO, Watching Over Whiskers, offered to provide. Thanks to them, the kittens were bathed and nursed back to health. Two of the smaller ones are even being fed by a rescue cat named Roxy, who just had six babies of her own.

This heartbreaking story thankfully had a happy ending, and the kittens are doing well at their foster home. Watch Cliff retrieve a kitten in the video above and see two of the kittens below!

Posted by Watching Over Whiskers on Friday, September 16, 2016
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