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Merriam-Webster Calls Out Trump's Administration on Twitter

The Dictionary Is Throwing MAJOR Shade at Donald Trump's Administration on Social Media

Image Source: Getty / Joey Foley

Since Donald Trump took office, the social media world is continuing to have a field day with the actions of his administration members. We thought it didn't get much more entertaining than those memes about Sean Spicer's press conference lies, but an unlikely suspect just proved us wrong.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary is serving up a hefty dose of shade on Twitter in regards to Trump, and it's downright hilarious. The account holders have been subtly taunting the POTUS and his team for their tendency to misuse certain words, and people can't get enough of the disses.

It all started with Betsy DeVos, Trump's education secretary and her tweet. DeVos tweeted a photo on Jan. 20 saying that she was "honored to witness the historical inauguration," and internet users took it upon themselves to point out her grammatical error. She quickly deleted the original tweet and fired off a corrected version using "historic" instead of "historical."

But Merriam-Webster wasn't ready to let her off the hook that easily, as a subtle jab commenced.

But the dictionary's shade didn't stop there. Allow us to remind you of when Trump's adviser, Kellyanne Conway, infamously referred to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's press conference lies as mere "alternative facts." Following the resulting meme storm that took over social media, the dictionary couldn't help but get in on the action — but in a classy, literary way, naturally. The clever genius behind the account simply reminded its followers what a fact really is.

And it gave one more sassy burn for good measure.

Last but certainly not least came the buzz surrounding the fact that Trump reportedly filled the room of his press conference with paid staffers to elicit ample cheers and claps. Merriam-Webster has a term for that . . .

People are loving how the dictionary's Twitter account is totally calling out Trump and his team, and we're all secretly hoping this trend continues into his presidency because it's pretty darn entertaining.

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