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Miniature Sized Watercolor Paintings

These Tiny Watercolor Paintings Will Require a Magnifying Glass to See in Full

Painting in general requires skill and technique but being able to produce remarkable work sized down to a quarter is even more impressive. One artist puts things into perspective — literally — with her Instagram of beautiful watercolor paintings of random tiny things.

20-year-old artist Rachel Beltz's Instagram account boasts more than 3,500 Instagram followers, something that isn't too surprising considering she paints everything from dogs to foods. She also showcases them with relevant real-life objects to put things into scale, like coffee beans around a tiny french press.

Rachel first began her work as surprise Christmas gifts to her family and their positive reactions inspired her to turn her passion into a career. "They had fallen in love with these gifts - the looks on their faces had made me feel alive again," she wrote on Bored Panda. "Their happiness and joy brought me back into the world of art."

Scroll ahead to see some of her amazing work and if you want one for yourself, check out her online store. If you love these mini artworks, check out another artist that does the same with pop culture figures.

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