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Moleskine Smart Writing Set

This Moleskine Notebook Digitizes Anything You Write or Draw

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Still love writing in notebooks despite living in a pretty digital world? Get ready to keep writing and see your handwritten notes turn digital with Moleskine's Smart Writing Set.

The set includes the "Paper Tablet," a notebook, and the Pen+, a pen with a hidden camera that will digitize everything you write and send it to the Moleskine Notes app (iOS) or Neo Notes (Android, coming soon). Yup that's right. Anything you write will move over to the app, where you can then edit or transform it into other file format to share. The notebook is called a tablet since it has rounded pages to look like one. You can buy the entire set for $199 or just the "Paper Tablet" for $30.

Check out photos of the product ahead, as well as two videos that show off all the cool features you can use like sending your notes via email super quick. Pretty cool, right?

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