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Mom Creates Snapchat Birthday Filter For Daughter

Proof That Parents Can Never Win — Even When They Buy Their Kids a Sweet Snapchat Filter

With her daughter's birthday coming up, one hip mom designed and purchased a custom Snapchat filter that she could use throughout the day at school. Despite the sweet gesture, her daughter Jenna was admittedly a little taken aback (read: embarrassed) when she first discovered the filter.

In a tweet, Jenna shared a picture of the filter with a caption that read, "My mom does the absolute most." She also shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with her mother about the filter. Jenna's mom said, "I made a custom birthday Snapchat filter at your school today from 9-2 but I never got an email saying it went live. Do you see it?" Jenna responded, "Why would you do that?"

Jenna later realized that her initial response was a little harsh. After the internet fervently came to her mother's defense, Jenna responded in another tweet and said, "I obviously thanked my mom for it and it was very thoughtful but I didn't want that attention from my whole school." While we would certainly love a custom-designed filter, this incident proves that parents can never win while their kids are teenagers.

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