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Monkey Emoji Question

A Debate Over the Monkey Emoji Is Tearing the Internet Apart

There are many debates on the internet that unite and divide us. A new one brewing over the three monkey emoji is the latest one.

Started by Twitter comedian Jonny Sun, the tweet asks a simple question: Are the three monkey emoji that make different faces the same monkey or three different monkeys?

Of course, the poll instantly drove Twitter users into an outrage and everyone is picking a different side for several reasons.

The poll, which ended, came in pretty close. Of the 211,701 votes, 53 percent believe it's one monkey and 47 percent believe it's three different monkeys. Sun himself believes it's only one monkey. Now it's time for you to decide. Is it one monkey or three? Let us know in our poll.

Image Source: Emoji Stickers
How many monkeys do you think there are?
How many monkeys do you think there are?
One monkey
Three different monkeys
I'm going to lose sleep over this.
Image Source: Emoji Stickers
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