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Most Expensive Apps You Can Download

7 of the Most Expensive Apps You Never Knew Existed

Most Expensive Apps You Can Download
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jae Payne

While some incredibly useful apps exist for travel, dating, parenting, and so much more, not everything is actually serviceable. If you've ever perused the app store, you'll come across some seemingly superfluous additions to your device. For example, who is buying a $999 flag football statistic manager? Not many people, I imagine. Predictably, there are many apps geared towards professions that are over $100. For example, there is a $400 application that assists veterinarians in diagnosing animals as well as a $500 application for dentists. But there are so many more puzzling apps available for download! We've gathered some of the most bizarre for your gawking pleasure ahead.

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