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My Laptop Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Online When Your Laptop Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

That awful feeling you get when your laptop won't connect to your Wi-Fi ... It usually happens at the worst of times, of course! When you're trying to work on the presentation that will make or break your career, in the middle of a heated League of Legends game or when you're streaming the last episode of This Is Us and can barely see through a stream of tears.

Or even worse, when you buy a brand-new laptop and are eager to try it out at home, only to find out it
absolutely refuses to connect to Wi-Fi! Well, fear no more. GEEKS has shared a step-by-step guide to make sure your laptop is always connected.

  1. Start by making sure it's a Wi-Fi connection, not a cable or Ethernet connection (Duh, obviously, but sometimes even the best of us can get that mixed up) as your laptop cannot connect to both Wi-Fi and Cable at the same time.
  2. Make sure your laptop's Wi-Fi button is switched on (most laptops would have one).
  3. Restart (every tech guide's go-to advice!) your router and try again. If you still can't connect, got to the next step.
  4. Try connecting another device to identify the source of the problem. a. If the other device can connect then you should proceed to step no.5. b. If not, the problem is either from your Internet Provider or your Router. Go straight to step no.6.
  5. Check if your laptop can detect other Wi-Fi networks (e.g. your mobile's hotspot): a. If it doesn't detect any network, then it is software or hardware issue (e.g. Wi-Fi Adapter). In this case, go to step no.7. b. If it detects other networks and can connect to one of them, the problem could be your firewall or internet provider, in which case go to Step no.6. c. If it detects other Wi-Fi connections but cannot connect to any, this could be a software or application issue, e.g. Antivirus firewall, VPN, or Proxy, that is limiting your Wi-Fi access. You need to go to Step no.7.
  6. Call your Wi-Fi provider (Du, Etisalat) and check if the connection is working properly.
    If all is good from their side, then it must be a laptop hardware or software problem and you need to go to Step no.7. We'll meet you there!
  7. Time to call the professionals! Sometimes you just need to rely on a qualified GEEK to get the job done properly, securely and efficiently. Sit back and relax, you are going to be back online soon!

If you have any questions reach out to GEEKS on or give
them a call on 8007475.

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