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Obamacare vs Trumpcare Memes

The Internet's Feelings Are Pretty Clear About Trumpcare in This Hilarious New Meme

It didn't take the internet long to realize that the House Republican's version of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is looking much worse. Called the American Health Care Act, the bill includes numerous changes to health care in this country, most notably that it will "cover fewer than the 20 million people insured under Obama's overhaul," reports the Associated Press. Soon after the bill was announced, the internet started comparing it to Obamacare with the most hilarious meme.

They compared it to different characters and seasons in TV shows. . .

. . . To knock off tshirts and products.

And of course, to how then President Obama and then Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump act around babies.

Source: Flickr user obamawhitehouse and Getty / Joe Mahoney

Needless to say, the internet doesn't think the American Health Care Act is what Americans deserve.

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