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Pictures of Bob Ross Painting Party

After Seeing Pictures of This Bob Ross Painting Party, You'll Want to Throw One Too

For his birthday, Chris Nervegna threw an epic birthday party inspired by one unlikely person: Bob Ross. Yes, the magical painting instructor and host of The Joy of Painting was the subject of this amazing birthday party. Chris then shared pictures of his gleeful painting party in a tweet, shown below, that has since gone viral. At press time, the tweet has over 32,000 retweets and 108,000 "likes."

In the pictures, Chris and his friends can be seen watching the host's 1991 series Beauty Is Everywherecurrently available on Netflix — and recreating his paintings bit by bit. In the final picture, everyone proudly flaunts their finished works of art.

Chris quickly inspired many others to throw similar painting parties with their friends. After receiving so much positive feedback, Chris tweeted, "I LOVE seeing thousands of tweets of people saying they're gonna throw Bob Ross parties now. So wild my birthday was so inspirational!"

As it turns out, Bob Ross-inspired painting parties aren't entirely rare, either. Someone on Twitter, in fact, responded to Chris's tweet and shared pictures from their own painting party.

On Reddit, one user provided helpful instructions for throwing an inspiring painting party. This person recommended you break your guests off into two teams, have every player on the team paint for approximately two minutes before rotating players, and then see which teams ends up with the best painting. Wigs and smocks are encouraged. The host added, "Keep painting those happy little trees, folks!"

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