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Problems for Group Texts

17 Intense Struggles You Only Experience When You're in a Group Text

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Do you hear that silence? It's the sound of your phone finally taking a break from incessant group texts. While group texting can solve a lot of issues and bring a section of your friends together, it can also quickly tear them apart as people get into fights or take three hours to decide on a group activity. Let us all take a break from our phones and go through some of the realest struggles that come with being in a group text. And if you can't read this currently because your phone is blowing up from a group text, don't worry — it will all be over soon.

  1. Texting someone outside of the group chat and then that person calls you out in the group chat.

  2. Getting stuck in a chat that has both Android and iOS phones.
  3. Trying to do something that's actually productive but getting sidetracked because your phone is blowing up.
  4. Deciding to finally do the right thing and eliminate that one friend from the chat.
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  6. Becoming stuck in a group text where other people are trying to meet each other but you're not involved.
  7. Facilitating two people who find each other cute but then you get stuck third wheeling in the text.
  8. Receiving so many group texts that your phone shuts off or freezes.

  9. Joining a group conversation that has an unknown number and wondering if it's a frenemy or friend.
  10. Trying to find an old group chat but you're in a rush so you quickly type in your friends' names, only to make all hell break loose because they're annoyed you started a new chat.
  11. Calling someone in the group chat who doesn't answer, but then texts "what's up" in the chat.
  12. Asking a question in the group and no one responding.
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  14. Attempting to make plans but it taking hours to do so.
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  16. Trying to Netflix and chill but your group texts interrupt every moment of chill.
  17. Arguing over what the group chat name should be.
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  19. Trying to catch up in the chat, but then someone sends a new text and takes you back to the most recent message.
  20. Giving up on ever trying to regain control over group texts and hoping you can survive it.
  21. Knowing you hate almost every part of a group text but refuse to experience FOMO by being left out.
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