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Real-Life Weasley Clock From Harry Potter

Someone Made a Fully Operational (and Beautiful) Weasley Clock

Imgur user Tbornottb recently detailed the labored and inspired process behind making their family a real-life, fully operational Weasley clock — and it is amazing.

The Weasley clock is a J.K. Rowling creation that appeared throughout the Harry Potter series. Basically, the clock tracked every Weasley family member's whereabouts throughout the day with categories like home, work, or the usual: in mortal peril.

One (presumed) hardcore Potterhead created the same clock using the app If This Then That, or IFTTT, for the locational tracking information and then somehow wired that into the personlized clock using LED cables.

Weasley Clock

The result is a beautiful new way to stalk keep track of those near and dear to you.

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