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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Banned from Dubai Airports

You'll Want to Leave This Item at Home Next Time You Head to DXB

Last week, Samsung announced that they would be stopping sales and production of the Galaxy Note7. The announcement came after over 100 Galaxy Note7's caught on fire, and the company has issued a complete recall on the device.

While Samsung has asked everyone who owns the phone to stop using it and shut it down, it's still possible that some users ignored the warning.

Putting safety first, Emirates and Etihad airlines, the UAE's national carriers, banned passengers from bringing Note7's on board. A few hours after the initial ban, Dubai International Airport also warned passengers that traveling with the highly-flammable smartphone was prohibited.

Though all of the devices that caught fire were in the US, 19,000 of the phones have been sold in the UAE, so it's best to play it safe.

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