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Sean Spicer's Upside Down Flag Pin Memes

The Internet Thinks Sean Spicer Is Sending a Secret Message With His Pin

It was almost business as usual during the White House Press briefing in 2016. That is until reporters and people watching the briefing on the internet realized White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, wore his American flag pin upside down. Immediately the internet had a lot of questions: Is Spicer trying to tell us something? Did he recently binge watch Stranger Things? Does he finally understand that every jobs report has always been real? See some of the best reactions ahead.

One reporter asked if it was a distress call.

Even though Spicer said he's fine, the internet wasn't convinced.

Others were just wondering if Spicer was trying to tell us something.

One person thought Spicer was declaring his allegiance to Hydra, the terrorist group in Marvel comics.

The House of Cards Twitter account even weighed in.

Spicer let us know!

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