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Senior Picture Ruined by Graffiti

This Teen's Senior Picture Looks Completely Normal — Until You Take a Closer Look

Senior pictures, a unique and personalized tradition for many high school students, have plenty of common themes. A fairly popular theme usually involves an edgy urban setting featuring a lot of graffiti. One senior, however, recently realized how posing in front of graffiti could backfire.

Upon reviewing her senior pictures, Alexis Boatfield noticed something she hadn't before: a cartoonish graffiti penis drawn right above her head. On Twitter, Alexis Boatfield wrote, "Oh so no one was gonna tell me there was a big ass penis behind my head for my senior pictures?"

Following her hilarious realization, countless others shared their insanely similar experiences. For example, someone noticed a sticker with the word "porno" on it lurking in the background of her senior picture. Someone else accidentally placed her hand on a graffiti penis while just trying to casually pose. Other pictures, like the one shown below, were more tragic.

Thankfully, one helpful Twitter user fixed the picture with a little Photoshop. At least she'll always have the original whenever she's in need of a good laugh.

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