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Severus Snape Is Favorite Harry Potter Character

4 Reasons to Love Severus Snape

The Guardian recently posed a question to Harry Potter fans: Which is your favorite character? You might assume that Harry would take the top spot, but, with over 70,000 votes cast, Severus Snape was voted favorite character of the series.

While there are lots of reasons to love Hermione Granger, we have a soft spot in our hearts for Severus, too. Here are four reasons to love the head of Slytherin.

  1. He's multilayered — Snape comes across as an angry, conniving, and hateful, but, underneath those layers, he's caring and committed to helping a cause he believes in.
  2. He's loyal — He made a promise to Dumbledore that he would protect Harry by making everyone believe he was on Voldemort's side, even if it meant persecution after agreeing to kill Dumbledore in front of the Death Eaters.
  3. He's entertaining — Alan Rickman steals every scene he's in thanks to his impeccable portrayal of Snape on screen.
  4. He's a true romantic — More than anything else, Snape loved Lilly Evans with all his heart. He carried the burden of helping to keep her son alive despite his hatred for Harry's father, James. That's true commitment from a real romantic.
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