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Snapchat Marie Curie Filter

The Internet Was Mad at Snapchat's Marie Curie Filter For This 1 Reason

In honor of International Women's Day, Snapchat released three new filters that celebrate the following women: Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, and Marie Curie. Unfortunately, the company also gave the Marie Curie filter smoky eyeshadow and fake eyelashes — giving the impression that women always need makeup even when they're winning nobel prizes.

You can see the filter and the added makeup below.

The internet wasn't happy at all that the Marie Curie filter had a full face of makeup — especially on International Women's Day. Women were upset that a two-time nobel prize winning scientist was reduced to her looks — a look by the way, that Curie never wore herself.

Others are also pointing out the numerous mistakes with the filter like the wrong structure for the chemical guanosine and that having chemicals combust in your face would expose you to radiation.

This is just another list of mistakes the company has made with its filters. The internet won't ever forget the one time it let users don on blackface with a Bob Marley filter or yellow face with an "anime" filter. We've reached out to Snapchat for comment.

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