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Solar Impulse 2 Lands in Abu Dhabi

The Plane That Traveled Around The World on no Fuel Lands in Abu Dhabi

Air travel history was made early this morning in Abu Dhabi, when the first solar-powered aircraft to circle the globe landed at Al Bateen Executive Airport.

The aircraft, called Solar Impulse 2, landed this morning around 4am in Abu Dhabi. It took off almost 48 hours ago from Cairo, which was the 16th leg of the 500 hour long journey. Solar Impulse 2's flight marked the first of its kind, traveling over 40,000 kilometers without a single ounce of fuel.

It took nearly 17 years for co-piolots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg to make their dream of flying a solar powered plane around the globe a reality, and this morning's landing was particularly emotional, as the flight from Cairo to the UAE was the most difficult of the entire trip.

Despite turbulence on the flight, though, Mr. Piccard spoke to The National about his accomplishment. "This was a life-long journey for me. This was a moment that I dreamt about and that I wanted to share with everyone in a message that the future is clean," he said.

As the plane flew into Abu Dhabi early this morning, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque served as the perfect backdrop for this inspiring moment. Watch the video below!

Landing in Abu Dhabi

The first #video of Bertrand Piccard landing in Abu Dhabi, thus completing the round-the-world... WE DID IT! Just crying... #futureisclean

Posted by Solar Impulse on Monday, July 25, 2016

Image Source: Facebook user Solar Impulse
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