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Strangers Share Wine on NYC Subway

People Are Loving This Story About 2 Strangers Sharing a Bottle of Wine Together on the Subway

The most important rule about living in NYC: prepare yourself to see anything go down on the subway. Sometimes, you see the usual showtime, break dancing routine on your commute to work. But, then there are days where a perfectly good bottle of wine will roll out from under your seat and the only logical thing to do next is to drink and share it with someone. That's exactly what happened to two strangers on the subway, according to a tweet and photo from Twitter user and journalist Colleen Hagerty.

The tweet, posted on Feb. 25, shows two strangers sharing a bottle of wine. It clearly struck a nerve with the internet, since it has more than 56,000 retweets and 191,000 "likes." You can see it for yourself ahead.

People didn't know whether to believe the story, considering opening a wine bottle requires a corkscrew. Hagerty then clarified in a followup tweet that the "top was popped." She also tweeted that the man in the hat found his empty bottle to drink from under his seat as well.

The internet loved the story and thought it was adorable.

One person came up with a great idea to bring even more New Yorkers together.

Just another reason to love wine and all the joy it brings.

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