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Student Emails Teacher on Wisdom Teeth Medication

Read the Hilarious Email 1 Student Sent to Her Teacher After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

While some people would sleep all day after getting their wisdom teeth out, one student took the downtime to email her teaching assistant about an approaching deadline. The student, who goes by Abby Jo Hamele on Twitter, ended up sharing the hilarious email she ended up sending while on medication, as well as the teacher's response.

As you might expect, the email was full of spelling errors and interesting punctuation. Asking for an extension on her paper, Abby wrote, "Is tehere any way I would be able to send you my paper at any later date???" Adding, "If you say no then that is okay but i would be said and i would reallyyyy lik e if you said yes." The best part might be how she signed off the email with "love you bye."

The hilarious email quickly racked up thousands of retweets and "likes." For those wondering, Abby ended up sharing her teacher's response, shown below.

While he described her email as being "unorthodox," he reassured her that she still had time as the paper wasn't even due for another week. Adding, "I hope your spelling is better in your paper."

As a result of the entire exchange, people on Twitter have praised Abby for sharing the embarrassing (yet incredible) exchange.

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