The Sweet Story Behind This Principal Matching Jeans With His Students

02/05/2018 - 06:06 PM

When two students showed up to school wearing the same trendy jeans, Washington Park High School principal, Jeff Miller, couldn't help but compliment them. That's when the students, Laron Franklin and Jaisjuan Brown, devised a sweet scheme to get the principal a pair of his own.

According to a tweet from a fellow student, Laron and Jaisjuan made a quick trip [1] to the mall after the principal said he liked their intentionally paint-splattered jeans. When they returned with an extra pair of the jeans, Jeff put them on so that the three of them could be matching for the remainder of the day — resulting in one heartwarming photo op.

Our principal told these two boys that their jeans was nice so they went back to the mall and got him a pair too... pic.twitter.com/Jqnhoch460 [2]

— Jessica (@Jessecaaaa_) March 30, 2017 [3]

In a later tweet, Miller shared his own picture with Laron and Jaisjuan. In his sarcastic caption, he wrote, "What are the chances that we all wore the same pants on the same day!" In addition to the students's incredible gesture, many have commended the principal [4] for being so enthusiastic about the whole situation. Jeff explained [5], "Lots of fun for the kids. Anything to help bring smiles to their faces."

What are the chances that we all wore the same pants on the same day! Love having fun with our @Park_Panthers [6] students! #pantherpride [7] pic.twitter.com/GpWhWKWoAl [8]

— Jeffrey Miller (@wphsprincipal) March 30, 2017 [9]

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