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Stuffed Burger Rides on a Plane

Ambitious Squishable Hamburger Made History by Flying Across the Country

Whether you're a full-fledged adult or a college kid who's still trying to pick out classes, we can all admit that stuffed animals are some of the best things out there. Well, turns out, one plane passenger felt the same way as she brought a stuffed hamburger on a plane and made sure it rode safely.

As you can see, the hamburger is large but was able to fit the seatbelt over its buns. The man who posted the tweet, David Farrier, is a journalist and director from New Zealand, who was lucky enough to take a selfie with the burger.

According to his tweets, the burger traveled from Washington DC to Cape Cod and was purchased at Sullivan's Toys and Art Supplies. A large version of the hamburger will cost you $40 and a smaller one will be $20. Don't live in DC? Don't worry, you can buy the Squishable Hamburger online for $42.

The burger, if you're wondering, made it safely off the plane.

And all jokes aside, this is actually awesome and we're actually really jealous. We wish we had this buddy with us on every plane ride. Besides, what a time to be alive and see such a tweet that can bring us this much happiness. You do you hamburger owner!

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