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Teacher Gives a Fake Word Spelling Test April Fools' Day

Watch This Teacher Win April Fools' Day With This Hilarious Fake Spelling Bee

A fourth grade teacher from Michigan gave his students the most memorable April Fools' Day when he decided to get creative with a fake spelling test. Joe Dombrowski made up random words like "speaku," spelled "speekuzslmn" because "there's silent letters at the end of that," he said. As you can imagine, his students responded in pure confusion, with one even shouting out, "What? Is that Chinese?!"

Other words on his hilarious fake spelling test included "wazamata," "slipert," and "speenuch," among others. Watch the video above to see his students' epic reaction when they learn it's all a prank. Spoiler alert: they were NOT thrilled.

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