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Teen Flips Water Bottle

A Teen's Talent Show Trick Had the Internet Completely Freaking Out

Not all talent show tricks have to be actual talents. Just ask Mike Senatore, a teen water bottle flipping sensation. You read that correctly. Mike recently performed at his high school talent show in Charlotte, NC, and his trick . . . was tossing a water bottle in the air and landing it perfectly upright. The video of his astonishing gift has over 40,000 retweets on Twitter, but we suspect this will only grow exponentially. We're predicting a new trend of water bottle flipping, too . . . especially considering how quickly Damn Daniel took over the internet in less than 24 hours. Check it out below.

Sure, it sounds pretty easy. So we tried Mike's trick, and it's definitely a mediocre feat. While it took me three tries, I was able to land the water bottle easily after practice.

If you want impressive water bottle tossing, another teen on Twitter has been practicing this skill for some time, and we're going to give him the supreme water bottle tossing title. Kevin can land his water bottle upright almost anywhere he tries . . . including motion sensors.

Perhaps Mike's viral fame will land him a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as he hopes. But what we're really hoping for is a water bottle tossing war between Mike and Kevin . . . on Ellen.

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